When Learning Chinese Becomes A Chore For The Kids

We have a problem!

Our kids don’t speak Mandarin anymore!

Learning Chinese is boring, difficult and no fun

Wait, that’s not the problem. That’s the situation. The problem is our kids hate learning Chinese!

“Difficult”, “Boring”, “Cheena”, these are the common words they use to describe the language.

It’s no surprise, especially when you dig further. Learning Chinese these days equals to more tuition time (we heard 3 hours classes are not uncommon!), and students need to memorise essays and vocabulary (好词好句) to score (or pass) in examinations. That’s like squeezing the joy out of learning completely!

Learning a language is a lifelong process, and to excel, one must start from a place of joy – or at least the kid needs to understand, this language is valuable and useful, beyond exams.

To address this problem, Vitamin M was founded – to bring back the fun in the learning of Chinese.

We design and create entertaining, engaging, and experiential original content – kids get to follow a group of endearing characters on their dramatic journey. In the process of enjoying the video content, we plant the seeds to nurture the joy of learning, so that they will bloom eventually, rediscovering love and connection with the language.

Some may ask, why take this long and arduous approach? Are you sure the seeds are going to bloom? To be entirely frank – we’re not totally sure – but we do know for a fact – if we don’t try, the flipside is bleak.

Parents we spoke to share that their kids are “resistant” to the language – there was a lot of negative emotions associated to the learning process and parents found it extremely tough to reverse the tide.

Vitamin M aims to change the emotional sentiments of the kids with the Chinese language. Only by opening their hearts slowly, one step at a time, then it’s possible to build up their language proficiency level.

Our content is painstakingly crafted, taking careful and deliberate notes from MOE current curriculum, and on top of that, we harness interactive tools, so that learners can take full charge of their learning. We move away from – “Here’s your homework, do it!” but rather – “This is a game, shall we play?”

We make learning active and two-way, instead of passive, top-down.

Our core belief is that learning Chinese doesn’t have to be a chore! Learning can be fun! Who wouldn’t be motivated to have fun right?

Give it a shot with our trial content to experience how mandarin comes alive!

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