PSLE 2024 Dates Released!

Hey there, parents in the know! The moment we’ve all been holding our breath for is finally here – the official drop of the PSLE 2024 dates. Get ready to flip those calendars because the countdown to D-Day has officially kicked off!

Countdown Alert: Just 158 Days Left!

Tick-tock, tick-tock – we’re looking at a mere 158 days until the English and Chinese Oral Examinations kick off the PSLE season. It’s time to switch gears and embrace the revision days ahead!

Navigating the Chinese Papers

Let’s talk strategy. Boosting your child’s overall Achievement Level (AL) comes down to conquering the easier bits, and for the Chinese papers, we’ve identified them for you: the Oral Examination and Listening Comprehension.

We’ve got your back when it comes to conquering the Oral Examination. We’ve distilled the essential practice into 10 sets that, when tackled diligently, can guide your child to breeze through the exams with confidence.

Mark Your Revision Calendars!

Now, grab those colorful markers and make a splash on the revision calendar. Here are the PSLE dates for the Chinese Papers:

2024 PSLE dates MOE SEAB

For the dates of other subjects, you may check it out at SEAB’s website here.

Finally, utilize this score calculator to pinpoint areas for improvement and strategize effectively for your child’s success.

Stay in the loop, stay focused, and watch your child soar to success! Remember, preparation is the name of the game, and with a well-planned revision schedule, victory is on the horizon.

So, buckle up, parents! It’s time for a wild ride on the PSLE preparation rollercoaster. Let the countdown begin, and may academic triumphs be ever in your child’s favor!

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