Vitamin Hour - Live Classes

Vitamin Hour is a 60-min online live classes, where we provide a safe and fun space for your child to converse in Mandarin using our video content.

Signing up for Vitamin Hour entitles access to Vitamin M GamiStory, a video learning package that comes with 8 pieces of original videos every month, for the period of the selected plan.

Vitamin M GamiStory

Vitamin M GamiStory is a video learning package to inspire the learning of Chinese.

As the name “GamiStory’ suggests, our videos are designed with Gamification and Storytelling considerations to achieve engagement and results.
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These are the periods without content release:
29th Aug 2022 – 4th Sept 2022
31st Oct 2022 – 6th Nov 2022

The videos are optimized for Windows PC users. Apple users might face some sync issues while using the content, we are aware of the issue and is working on that.