Our Story

Vitamin M is founded with one aim – to bring back the fun in learning Mandarin.

In today’s context, learning of the Chinese Language in school has become dull and burdensome – with incessant drilling and relentless memorisation of idioms and essays – just to score well in exams. It’s easy to forget that a language has a ‘life’ of its own and is constantly evolving. It is an essential tool for communication, at work and at play.

To help our kids sharpen that tool, we need to go back to the core – by reviving their interest in the language. 

At Vitamin M, we believe that learning is more effective when its fun! We design highly immersive and interactive content, not only to attract the learner’s eyeballs, but also to associate the learning of Chinese with joyful emotions! 

When the kids are engaged, they would naturally be motivated to use Mandarin in their daily lives, and on their own accord. 

When that happens, the rest will follow – be it doing better in exams, or strengthening their bilingual foundation to future proof themselves.


Ang Aik Heng 洪益兴

An award-winning producer for quality Chinese documentaries and drama series - Aik Heng is stumbled when he realized his two sons (aged 7 and 10) are speaking less Mandarin and shuns all things Chinese.

Leveraging his decade long poly teaching experience, and expertise in TV production, he co-founded Vitamin M to reverse the tide. He sees Vitamin M as a bridge for learners to rediscover - Mandarin has a place in our daily lives.

And for our young ones who can master Chinese – they can access a culturally diverse, exciting world of content and unimaginable opportunities. But most importantly, for Aik Heng - Chinese is an emotional language he hopes to connect with his two sons, heart to heart.

Goh Ying Sheng 吴颖胜

Growing up watching Mandarin TV shows, listening to Mando-pop songs and reading Chinese papers, Ying Sheng realised the importance of how the external environment is vital to learning a language well.

When carving out a career as a filmmaker, Ying Sheng's command of both languages allows him to create bilingual content effectively. He believes that with engaging and entertaining content, we can sow the seeds to grow our next generation children's interest in learning Mandarin.

It is through heartfelt stories, we touch the hearts of our learners before the learning journey begins.