Frequently Asked Questions


Vitamin M is neither a financial instrument nor a health product. We are an online Mandarin educational platform that aims to spark the interest in your child in the spoken language through the use of creative and interactive multimedia content.

You’ve got it, M stands for Mandarin and Vitamin M is your child’s booster for the Mother Tongue language!

We have two products:

Vitamin Hour
“Vitamin Hour” is a 60-min online class led by a coach. Through it, kids get to learn Chinese vocabulary and practise conversational skills in Mandarin. Vitamin M GamiStory (video content) subscription is also included in Vitamin Hour.

Vitamin M GamiStory
“Vitamin M GamiStory” is a self-directed learning video package subscription that rouses the learner’s interest to learn Mandarin, and is created to raise the learner’s Chinese proficiency in the long term.

Imagine receiving every month – 8 new videos (3-5mins) – consisting of drama, documentary, interactive-mystery, interactive Chinese cloze passage practices, interactive reading passage practices, tips on tackling oral exams, and more…your child will be spoilt for choice!

Our content is created for Primary 4 students. Pending demand, we may extend it to other levels in future.

Meanwhile, if you feel that your Primary 3 child might be up for the challenge to learn at a higher level, or if your Primary 5 child needs just a little help to brush up on his spoken Mother Tongue, we welcome them too!

Language takes time to master, and if your child has been lagging behind oral skills, Primary 4 is neither too late nor early but just nice to nurture and ignite interest. Take this early step up to prepare for oral exams and gain a headstart towards bilingualism.

Vitamin M GamiStory

Vitamin M GamiStory is a video learning package that comes with 8 pieces of original video content every month. That’s a total of 88 videos in a year!

As the name “GamiStory” suggests, Gamification and Storytelling are built into our content. The 8 monthly videos are interlinked with a story universe.

Think of it as watching a drama series – kids have to finish all 8 videos to find a resolution to the story of the month!

The videos are creatively designed with specific learning outcomes mapped to the MOE primary Chinese syllabus. There are interactive Chinese vocabulary quizzes, mysteries to test our learners’ comprehension skills, and games to test their recognition of Chinese characters.

Our content is designed based on the current MOE Express Chinese syllabus and will be updated accordingly. Video content features new words and phrases that are taught in class, which will reinforce and deepen your child’s learning.

Through the use of participative, immersive and fun content, we want to develop in your child an innate sense of self-directed learning and nurture an interest in the language vs punishing drills or soulless rote learning.

Our content is created with a story universe in mind (just like Marvel!).

Imagine your child looking forward to returning to our metaverse with endearing characters that will grow on them! This marks a first step towards sparking an interest in learning the language.

We get this question a lot!

Remember how some of us learnt Cantonese? Yes, through watching Hong Kong dramas while reading the subtitles!

This explains our intention. We believe the key to learning a language is to first understand it, and this is where the subtitles come in handy.

We offer Chinese/English and Chinese/Hanyu Pinyin subtitles. Just toggle between the 2 options using the “CC” button on the video player.

The PSLE Chinese Oral Exam makes up 15% of your child’s overall grade for Chinese – that counts for quite bit – don’t you think? It could mean a difference of 2 grades or more, and a matter of pass or fail.

Vitamin M’s content targets specifically at the “Reading Aloud” and “Picture Discussion” sections for Primary 4 (and a soon-to-be-introduced “e-Video Conversation” for Primary 5 and 6).

The “Reading Aloud” section accounts for 1/3 of your child’s oral grade. When your child can recognise and vocalise the passage fluently, he can speak confidently.

In the “Picture Discussion” section, your child is tested on how to voice out his opinions and feelings on topics. Besides helping him speak in a grammatically correct manner, we will also help to nurture your child’s critical thinking skills by exposing him to factual video snippets. Your child will be able to verbalise his thoughts in Mandarin confidently in a safe and fun environment.

While Vitamin M’s content doesn’t specifically focus on the writing component, we believe in solving the root of the problem, i.e. tackling the lack of interest and confidence in Mandarin. Over time, with more exposure to good Chinese content, your child will naturally be able to build up a more robust vocabulary. They will gain the confidence to think and converse better in Mandarin, and better written Chinese will ensue.

Vitamin M’s content is pegged to the Primary 4 Express Chinese syllabus.

During “Vitamin Hour”, our coaches will observe if your child needs more help at the live online class. Learners are grouped according to their proficiency levels (subject to their schedule) so as to maximise learning outcomes. Even with the same content, we can level up or down to meet the learner’s needs with differentiated teaching.

Our content is intuitively designed and accessible with just a few clicks of the mouse. If you need clarifications, instructional guides on how to use them are provided as well.

And if you really require help, we are just a text away!

No. Our content is strictly copyrighted, and unauthorised downloads, usage and distribution will be subject to legal actions.

Our content is painstakingly crafted for in-lesson usage by registered students and if you’ve tried it- you’ll discover that the video content will only work optimally with its in-built interactive elements. Thus, downloading it for later and/or separate use will not be possible.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

However, we should also allow our children to take a break during the school holidays – so we will release a mixture of non-academic content and workshops during the school holidays instead. Stay tuned!

During school terms, two new pieces of video content will be released every Monday and Thursday, with up to 8 videos per month.

During the school holidays, only 4 videos will be released as we take a 2-week break.

Do note that there will be no video release in the fifth week of the month. These periods are stated on the sign-up page.

Revision! Revision! Revision!

Mastery stems from practice. Watching our entertaining content and completing the exercises are great ways to start your child on his learning journey.

Although our content is put together based on the Primary 4 vocabulary list, we do go a step further to introduce more sophisticated sentence structures in our videos, so that your child can pick up new phrases – and learn how to use them – at the same time.

Honing language proficiency is a long term approach that combines active listening and consistent practice. Our video lessons are made with this in mind, and the fun and interactive elements make for better retention and sustained interest in your child.

Vitamin Hour (Online Live Classes)

Vitamin Hour is a 60-min online live classes, where we provide a safe and fun space for your child to converse in Mandarin based on our content.

If being in a tuition class means that a child needs a lot of drilling and to do a lot of worksheets – then, no.

Vitamin Hour is not a tuition class. But if your idea of a tuition class is to help your child improve his language – then yes.

Our video content and Vitamin Hour fulfil this need – and beyond. We are here for the long haul – to walk the journey with your child, to help him build bridges and make connections, and to let him come to appreciate and master this language.

Please refer to the coaches introduction page here.

Vitamin Hour encourages all our students to speak up – fearlessly. We love to hear them, and our coaches provide their listening ears. Each online class is capped at 6 students for a start, with a minimum of 3-4 students.

We love physical interaction as much as you do!

But in the new normal, we also appreciate that learning can take place virtually – and effectively.

With online classes capped at 6 students per class, you can be assured that your child gets adequate attention. We will also apply Edu-tech tools to engage them during the online class. Particularly, Vitamin Hour is one such crafted format – consisting of engaging video content and interactivity – to pique your kid’s interest and curiosity.

If you are concerned that your child tends to be shy or on the quieter side, fret not!

Learners will get to listen and comment on their peers’ answers- these are great learning opportunities too! Our coaches are trained to give each child ample opportunities to speak up. We will encourage expression by creating a safe and conducive environment for one to make mistakes!

What is the fun if your classmates and our coaches can’t see your smiling faces?

To optimise learning and to train up confidence in speaking, we would require the camera to be turned on for the classes. 

We will offer a video playback to students who might have missed the lesson and is unable to reschedule another lesson.


Please refer to the pricing page here.

A platform fee of S$25 per year and an admin fee of S$25 per year apply to each account.

BUT, as a soft launch special, we will be waiving them for now. Sounds good? P.S. Limited time only, promotions are subject to change from 2022.

We do understand that sometimes, this might not be what you have in mind. And that’s ok.

Here’s our refund policy:

For one-time payment subscribers:
We offer a 15-day money back guarantee.

Should you feel this is not the right programme for your child, simply email us at within 15 days from the day your account is active, and we will process it accordingly.

For monthly payment subscribers:
Inform us a month in advance should you wish to stop the subscription.

If you inform us before the 15th of the month, the current month will be the last month your child is with us.
(For example, if you inform us between 1st – 15th March, 31st March will be the last day of his plan and lesson)

If you inform us after the 15th of the month, the following month will be the last month your child is with us.
(For example, if you inform us between 16th – 31st March, 30th April will be the lasy day of his plan and lesson)

All purchases are final and non-refundable.

Signing Up

For Vitamin Hour (classes) sign-up, contact us here.

For Vitamin M GamiStory sign-up, sign up an account here and make payment here.

You can sign up at any time in the year. Learning at Vitamin M starts whenever your child is ready!

You will receive an email detailing the next steps, including your booking for Vitamin Hour!

Your child will start receiving content immediately.

For Vitamin Hour Yes we do! Fill up this form ( and we will be in touch soon!

For Vitamin M GamiStory We know you’re excited to have a look at our 8 pieces of interactive video content. You can now access them for free! Simply sign up for an account here and you’re on your way.

Yes, you can!

Whether your child loves our content or simply needs more guidance on strengthening his Chinese language skills, contact us for an upgrade to our live classes programme today (subject to availability).

Sharing is caring. However, as our packages include live classes whereby each child will require an account to make bookings, each child will require his own account.

Vitamin Hour Scheduling

Please enquire with us for the timetable.


For 2022, there will be breaks during the following periods:
13 June 2022 – 3 July 2022
19 Dec 2022 – 1 Jan 2023

We understand our students are as busy as adults- if not busier!

That said, we will do our best to reschedule according to the availability of slots on other days.

If no other slots are available, we will provide a playback of the lessons for catch up.

We love to create chemistry and bonds between our coaches and students! And if there are situations which calls for a change in coach – do let us know! We love to hear feedback – anything to facilitate your child’s learning!

For lessons on Public Holidays, Vitamin M will make alternative arrangements.

Vitamin Hour - Technical Questions

We are using the by now, all familiar Zoom platform.

A link will be sent to you to log in for the lessons.

Besides the PC/laptop/tablet to access Zoom and ClassPoint, your child is highly encouraged to use a headset or earpiece with a microphone, so that he can listen and communicate clearly in class.

ClassPoint is an interactive online tool built in with our PowerPoint slides. We are using this tool to maintain engagement level and to add a bit of fun to the lessons.

Your child can log on to ClassPoint by accessing this link:

He can either do so via a mobile phone, or by opening a browser on the PC. A class code will be provided at the start of the lesson for him to key in.

Not to worry, we are only a text away so that your child can quickly hop back on to the lessons.


You may email us at

Or if you prefer texting, you may WhatsApp (text) us at 88048644.