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春节快到了,伊伊跟着爸爸从新加坡回到北京,与爷爷奶奶一起过春节。虽然只有短短几天,但伊伊认识了一位特别的朋友 —“大狮子”。狮子不但和伊伊玩起了跳房子,还聊起了多姿多彩的春节民俗。原来,伊伊虽然生活在新加坡,但当地的春节活动同样精彩。过新年不但有好吃的、好玩的;家长也可以带领孩子们动动脑经,做点小手工来过一个趣味十足的春节!

Lunar New Year is here! ELENA is visiting her grandparents in Beijing with her parents. In Beijing, Elena made a special new friend – a lion. Elena eagerly shares with the lion, how  the Lunar New Year is celebrated in Beijing and Singapore. Even though there are differences in customs and cultures, she loves to participate in all activities! Join Elena to have an enjoyable Lunar New Year!

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