GamiMBox | 獴哥的圣诞节

獴哥照着一本《完美杂志圣诞特刊》,离开了正忙着准备圣诞节的家人,充满期待地踏上了寻找完美圣诞的旅途。只不过,世界各地的圣诞节并不像杂志中描述得那样完美。终于发现这一点的桑尼在卡片上写下一个愿望 – 回到家人身边,桑尼到底能不能如愿呢?

SONNY, a meerkat is determined to find his perfect Christmas after reading all about it in a magazine. But as he set off to different parts of the world, he realized that things are not as perfect as described. He now only has one wish – to be back with his family. Will he fulfill this wish?

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