What Can I Do If I Am Feeling Unhappy?

What Can I Do If I Am Feeling Unhappy?

Have you ever done badly for test papers and felt lousy?
Or had an argument over something with your BFF and felt upset?
Do you feel that your parents are too busy with work and they don’t have enough time for you?

We all feel down or sad at times, and it’s perfectly normal.
More importantly, it’s knowing how you can manage these emotions.
Here’s a little exercise for you to find out what you can do when you are feeling down.

Steps to begin:
1. Play the video
2. When it comes to a point for you to make a decision for the character,
make a choice for her, you decide the storyline!

Our videos are designed to be interactive and thought-provoking.

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Do you know how to better manage your feelings now?
Try the following exercises and see how well you can manage!
(courtesy of Tinkle Friend)

Well done! You have learnt how to manage your feelings!

However, if you find yourself or your friend still need a listening ear or more support,
speak to your parents or teachers.
They’ll be more than willing to help.

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