At Vitamin M, we aim to spark joy and motivation in your child to speak and learn Mandarin.

We design and create high quality, bite-sized video content that transports your primary school kids into a dramatic world to solve mysteries. Completed with word games and INTERACTIVE MODULES, kids will go on a journey with the characters TO UNCOVER THE FUN IN LEARNING CHINESE.

Coupled with a weekly 60-MINUTE online “Vitamin Hour” with our team of fun-loving coaches, your child will LEARN to converse, engage, and express CONFIDENTLY in Mandarin!


Bite-Sized Content
Cater to kids’ short attention span

Interactive Learning
Engage learners through participation

Oral Exam Tips
Know what examiners look out for

MOE Primary Chinese curriculum

English, Chinese and Hanyu Pinyin subtitles so no one will be left behind

Cloze Passage Practice
No more boring assessment books, we make revision fun

Local Context
Singapore-based content that resonates

Vitamin Hour
Live sessions by dedicated coaches to help your child express and impress in Mandarin